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Back oop North

3 Oct

Apologies for not blogging as diligently as I should have done. It just seemed wrong to waste the gorgeous summer weather indoors, so I embraced the outdoors – both in the country and the city (and in the odd watering-hole) and had a thoroughly fabulous few days away.

Today I’ve been catching up things I would have ordinarily done if I’d been at home including obsessive checking of emails to see if anything had come through jobs-wise (there hadn’t) and tidying my room (a seemingly never-ending task). An added bonus to the day was the extraction of yet another wisdom tooth.

In my last post I was waxing lyrically about Oxford being the backdrop to a number of popular films and TV shows and it didn’t stop there, while walking along the banks of the Thames last week I turned to Beth and said: “You know what would make your Oxford experience complete? Seeing filming for Lewis while you’re here.”

She reluctantly agreed and conceded: “Yeah, my mum and gran would be chuffed.”

Having finally made it to the end of our Thames-side walk and into Oxford , we turned right onto a main road and bam! As if I’d conjured them out of thin air stood the actors Kevin Whately and Lawrence Fox (Mr Billy Piper).

I know, I know I’d be a rubbish pap, but granted I didn’t have a long lens, just my trusty Nikon digital, but still you can just about make them out.

Lewis and Hathaway on the case in Oxford

Although it may not seem the most impressive ‘famous’ actor spot, the gents certainly made their presence felt, and I enjoyed watching scenes being set-up and shot.

Boys in blue: police cordon off street for filming

After all the giddy excitement and stunning weather of my two days in Oxford, on Friday I jumped on a train and headed for Romford, Essex to meet an old university friend, Shona.

The weekend proved to be a fun-filled and welcome distraction from my dismal attempts to crack the current journalism jobs market, and I was introduced to the newly opened mecca of shopping which is Stratford’s Westfield. My oh my.

Westfield Stratford: so many shops, so little time

The place is enormous and is home to every conceivable high street fashion store. I got particularly excited when I visited Forever 21, an American import that only has two stores in the UK (The Bullring, Birmingham and Westfield).

However I found shopping there on a Saturday afternoon particularly over-whelming, particularly in addition to the sheer amount of choice of clothing and accessories.  This assault on the senses sent my little head into a spin and I left the store without buying anything. Gasp.

On my last day in Romford Shona and I indulged in a picnic and it was so hot we had to don our sunnies and slap on the sun lotion.

Our glorious sunny picnic, modelled by Shona

Need I remind you it was October 2nd? And apparently the UK is due snow next week. Madness!

Anyway, back down to earth with a bump now, let the job-hunting and waitressing continue!