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An Indian summer’s day in Oxford

28 Sep

When the opportunity of escaping the daily grind of applying for jobs I have no prospect of getting  came up, I jumped at the chance. I organised a blissful five-day mini-break daarn Saarf, booked my train tickets and packed enough clothing for about two weeks. Naturally.
After the weathermen on both the TV and the radio raved about unseasonably good weather I snorted into my cup of tea and decided to pack for typical British weather. Cue lots of cardigans, tights and a waterproof coat.
Well it turns out the bods at weather HQ actually got it right. Bugger.
So here I am in the insanely hot and sunny Oxford with a suitcase stuffed full of clothes and a limited choice of outfits. After much umming and aahing I decided on some chinos (nice), my trusty mannish brogues and a light shirt with a giant bow tie attached (you have to see it to appreciate it fully.)
So what am I doing in this neck of the woods? I’m here to see my very good friend Beth who will be starting a Masters here next week. We had a wonderful time exploring the quaint village of Iffley before heading into the fresher-filled city of Oxford.
Although Oxford looks wonderful on-screen (on Morse and Harry Potter to name just two) it has to be seen to be truly appreciated.
I went snap-happy at every beautiful building and architectural quirk I laid eyes on. Here’s just a taster…

Oxford life: impressive buildings and cycling

One thing these Oxfordians are keen on is cycling. They cycle everywhere and split neatly into three categories.

Smug cyclists: They can’t get enough of being king of the road, pavements, pathways, you name it, they think they own it. And they love aggressive bell-ringing.

Terrified cyclists: Pretty much what it says on the tin. They live in Oxford and the surrounding areas, think it’s a good idea to cycle everywhere but are terrified of ending up underneath the wheels of a bus or in the Thames.

Chilled cyclists: Have bike will travel. They fall neatly in between the above categories and take their cycling commute within their stride. And try not to mow people down.

Cycling capital of the country: bikes as far as the eye could see

When we’d finishing dodging smug cyclists and pounding the pavements of the city centre we took a look at the city’s botanical gardens, which although was past its best in terms of blooms (it is autumn after all) was a perfect place to enjoy the plants, trees and fountains it had to offer. After a quick scoot around the shops, footsore and weary, we headed home.
Even though the extensive walking took its toll on my poor feet, all-in-all it was a fabulous day.

Job-hunting? What job-hunting?!