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Not so morning glory

13 Oct

I knew as soon as I hit the snooze button for the second time yesterday morning that it wasn’t going to be a great day.

Wednesday marked the third day of silence from Blackberry (insert Steve Jobs jokes here), another wall of silence from prospective employers and yet anther pre-shift ritual of me hopping about in a mad rush.

I clearly had my journo hat on as I was up early(ish) researching and writing a blog post, looking at newspaper headlines and scanning social networking sites, all before my 10am shift started.

Given my dedication to early morning journalistic pursuits I only left the house at 9.45am and it was clear that I was cutting it fine traffic-wise.

It was only as I was driving to work through the wind and rain that I realised a number of things. I had no make-up on, I had the wrong shirt on, and I had no cash float. Great.

Make-up may seem low down on the list of priorities, but most of you haven’t seen me without make-up on. It’s tragic. Let’s just be thankful it’s nearly Halloween.

The wrong shirt? Well I thought I’d picked up the one with buttons on the cuffs and I hadn’t. I’d chosen the one which needs cufflinks, and can anyone guess what I didn’t have with me?

The lack of float wasn’t a complete nightmare but an inconvenience nevertheless.

Then to top it all, as I locked my car door I caught a glimpse of my reflection and saw I had inexplicably enormous hair. Think Monica from Friends in The One In Barbados. But bigger.

Big is beautiful: Monica's Barbadian bouffant

Two minutes after arriving at work I hastily applied some make-up, sorted out a float and donned a rather dashing pair of safety-pin cufflinks.

The hair? Well it stayed as unruly as a sackful of mattress springs throughout my entire shift. Wonderful.  

So if you saw a rather bedraggled looking waitress yesterday, whether it was me or someone else, spare her a thought. You don’t know what kind of morning she’s had.