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Blackberry outage reveals technological dependence

12 Oct

So yesterday I managed to surgically detach myself from my Blackberry in order to pick up a racket and regin supreme on the badminton court. (Look, I’m rubbish at every other sport, let me have this one moment of glory…)

As I came off the court and checked my phone, I thought it odd that I hadn’t had a single email come through in the last hour.

I’d normally have had at least three loan shark emails trying to coerce me into taking on loans with obscene interest rates.

I hadn’t had any BBMs either. Hmmm.

I only put the proverbial two and two together when I heard the lunchtime news and saw lots of angry tweets complaining about the server crashing. Again.

I’d been lucky in dodging the service problems earlier in the week, but unfortunately wasn’t so lucky this time around.

 Yesterday, hashtags #RIM and #BB were trending globally on Twitter. It would seem that Blackberry owners were not happy bunnies.

Writer @catherine_mayer declared to her Twitter followers: “Black.b.erry n 1. An edible soft fruit 2. A prickly shrub 3. A useless piece of junk that hasn’t worked for three days #newdefinitions #RIM

Many users were lamenting their decision at choosing a Blackberry over an iPhone. Phil Knight, a solicitor specialising in property disputes, tweeted: “Will the #blackberry server let me down again today? Should have kept my trusty iphone!”

Although many Blackberry owners are businessmen and women, spare a thought for those of us who rely on our phones just as much.

Having the internet and emails with me means that I can leave the house without worrying about missing an important email, and can browse for jobs while I’m on-the-move. In essence I can job-hunt from wherever I am.

I’m surprised just how reliant I, and the rest of the Blackberry-owning word, have become on this tiny piece of technology, and it’s taken the server crashing and a complete Blackberry outage for us all to realise this.

In the last five minutes there has been a glimmer of hope. Three emails, the last of which was a pizza advert, have pinged onto my screen. Fingers crossed the rest will follow soon and we’ll be back to the normal state of play.