Remember, remember the 5th of November

5 Nov

 Gun powder treason and plot? Not today chaps, instead remembering that guy called, well, Guy, who tried to blow up Parliament, I’m at work. Quel surprise!

It’s been a whopping eight days since I last posted (tut-tut) but I have been doing back-to-back 12 hour shifts (cue violins) and when I’ve finally reached home I’ve been fit for nothing but having a shower and going straight to bed.

So what have you missed? In the words of Paul Daniels, not a lot.

Last weekend I donned an all-black ensemble topped-off with a rather snazzy pair of orange and black stripy socks and a pointy purple hat for work.

Yes folks, I was in fancy dress for Halloween. Joy.  So not only did I have to make sure people got the right food and drink, I had the added job of trying to ensure that my spider-themed jewellery didn’t end up in someone’s meal.

It’s been uber quiet on the journalism jobs-front recently. It’s been a whole week since I got a rejection letter and even longer since I’ve heard anything from any prospective employer. And I’ve got a cold. Boohoo.

Anyway, enough whingeing from this wannabe hack, hope you have a fabulous bonfire night whatever you’re up to.



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