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My get up and go has got up and gone…. almost

23 Nov

So it’s just over two weeks since I’ve posted. Naughty me.

It’s been a combination of being busy combined with not having a lot to say. And as my mum has reminded me over the years, if you haven’t got anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. So I haven’t.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to go into a sixth form college and speak to students about politics and how it applies to their lives. As a politics graduate who’s very keen to get young people enthused about, and involved in, politics it was something I was keen to do.

However there was the little matter about location. I’m in Wigan, the college is in Lincolnshire. So I had to grovel to work for a week’s holiday at the last-minute, on the proviso that I worked back-to-back shifts in the week leading up to it.

After many shifts and a three-hour trip down the motorway armed with my laptop and two plastic swords (part of a demonstration, not for crowd control purposes) I arrived in The Shire (alas no hobbit sightings) and awaited my fate.

Now I’m used to people not being that bothered about politics, thinking it either doesn’t apply to their lives or is a waste of time. But I was surprised at some students’ absolute hatred of the system and their defeatism in the face of political adversity.

Even examples of how the Arab Spring uprising shows that from small beginnings big changes can be brought about seemed to fall on deaf and disillusioned ears. The only thing they were passionate about was their disdain for the current government and a complete disengagement with the whole political process. Ok. Tough crowd.

But it was very much a day of two halves. Other students appeared to have a genuine interest in political issues and processes, and wanted to know the different ways they could make their voices heard in the hope of bringing about positive changes. Their optimism brought a tear to my eye.

However the previous groups’ cynicism must have crept into my psyche, because ever since then I’ve been a bit of a mardy chops jobs-wise. I have heard nothing back from job applications for weeks. Nothing.

All I meet is a deafening wall of silence from prospective employers which not only leaves me in the dark as to where I stand in the process, but also leaves me unsure how to improve my chances.

And although it’s great that people on my course have got interviews, and even first jobs, it’s making me question what I’m lacking.

Ah well, onwards and upwards. I’ll just take Brucie’s advice and keeeeeep writing.

Bruce in action on Strictly

Monday Monday

8 Nov

The Mamas and the Papas may have tapped in to the public’s dislike of Monday in one of their hit songs, but as I work weekends and had yesterday off, I rather enjoyed it.

I decided against scouring the Internet for journo jobs and instead embraced my inner goddess and went about my domestic duties – I cleaned, tidied and collected a parcel from the post office. How quaint.

After that I tackled a bit of early Christmas shopping, wrapped a couple of birthday presents and settled down to a belated Sunday dinner. Yum.

My cherry-on-the-top moment was an impromptu meet-up with one of my best friends, Louise. We go way back and have only ever had one major falling-out, back in Year 2 of primary school, I’m not sure what it was all about but we obviously got over it.

I was only meant to drop in for five minutes, but three and a half hours later we were still chatting, drinking tea and cuddling the newest addition to her household, an adorable ginger bundle of fluff, Cheeto the kitten.

Cheeto: 100% cute and he knows it

Louise is in a similar position to me work-wise, she’s a history graduate with a passion for teaching, but is facing something of a brick wall when it comes to getting on a training course.

She’s juggling a job a full-time job at a school with a sales job in the evening and voluntary work on the side. To say this girl has a busy schedule is an understatement.

Not that I’m biased or anything, but it would be criminal if she didn’t become a teacher. As Craig Revel Horwood would say, she would be fab.u.lous.

So after our mammoth catch-up I headed home, got myself yet another cuppa, and read my new issue of Cosmo in bed. Bliss.

So my Monday was pretty darn good.

Today it’s back to the day job. Have a good ‘un whatever you’re up to.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

5 Nov

 Gun powder treason and plot? Not today chaps, instead remembering that guy called, well, Guy, who tried to blow up Parliament, I’m at work. Quel surprise!

It’s been a whopping eight days since I last posted (tut-tut) but I have been doing back-to-back 12 hour shifts (cue violins) and when I’ve finally reached home I’ve been fit for nothing but having a shower and going straight to bed.

So what have you missed? In the words of Paul Daniels, not a lot.

Last weekend I donned an all-black ensemble topped-off with a rather snazzy pair of orange and black stripy socks and a pointy purple hat for work.

Yes folks, I was in fancy dress for Halloween. Joy.  So not only did I have to make sure people got the right food and drink, I had the added job of trying to ensure that my spider-themed jewellery didn’t end up in someone’s meal.

It’s been uber quiet on the journalism jobs-front recently. It’s been a whole week since I got a rejection letter and even longer since I’ve heard anything from any prospective employer. And I’ve got a cold. Boohoo.

Anyway, enough whingeing from this wannabe hack, hope you have a fabulous bonfire night whatever you’re up to.