From journalism to male modelling… and back again

7 Oct

I woke up this morning with a renewed enthusiasm for job-hunting and, armed with a mug of tea, booted up the computer excited for the possibilities today could bring.

I took a look at the usual suspects, holdthefrontpage and W4MP  (slim pickings) and so decided to take a cursory glance at what potential jobs had landed in my inbox.

Job hunting from the comfort of your own home

Like most people, I’m signed-up to a number of job listings websites which aim to narrow down the job search by emailing over jobs you’re interested in. Naturally, as I’m interested in journalism, job titles such as editorial assistant, trainee journalist and media assistant are vacancies at the top of the pile. Each day I spend a good half an hour wading through them to see if any look like they’re worth a punt.

What made me smile this morning, was a listing from Jobrapido which read:

Jobrapido has found more than 100 new jobs that match your profile.
Click the links below to view the jobs:
Editorial Assistant (15 new jobs)
Editorial/Manchester (3 new jobs)
Junior Copywriter (4 new jobs)
Copywriting (more than 100 new jobs)
Journalism Copywriting (11 new jobs)
Male Model (6 new jobs)
Journalist (11 new jobs)

Male model?! And it’s listed above ‘journalist’!

So if all else fails I’ll need to get buffed up, and have a sex change. As the famous meerkats from Meerkova say. Simples.

Aleksandr Orlov philosophy: simples


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