Job application #3874

6 Oct

….or so it feels.

It seems that filling in application forms has become something of a full-time, albeit unpaid, job for me.

The most excessive one was a staggering 17 pages long (they were pretty specific) and took me the best part of six hours to complete. Six hours! Many cups of tea (and innumerous toilet trips) later I was the proud owner of a tome about my various work experience placements and qualifications.

That was completed four weeks ago and I hadn’t heard so much as a peep from the recruitment bods. No surprise there. However I woke up this morning with a niggling thought that the interview date was fast-approaching and, you know, my phone has been on the blink so I might have missed their impassioned pleas for me to grace them with my presence and be interviewed. So I decided to give them a call.

I rang up the HR department and babbled about the job application to an unimpressed sounding woman who merely asked: “Name?” And after some exaggerated paper shuffling said: “I’m sorry you haven’t made the shortlist.” I thanked her for her time and hung up.

Now although this shouldn’t have been a big surprise I was genuinely saddened by the news and did what every mature wannabe would do in my position. Got mad.

Rejection rage: it affects all ages

“WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT?!” I shouted to my nervous-looking boyfriend, “I. DON’T. KNOW. WHAT. ELSE. I.CAN.DO!”

After a lot of sulking and pouting I decided to use my bad mood in a positive way and get another couple of job applications under my belt. It was as I was scanning the online vacancy listings that I noticed that most adverts ended with: “Due to the large number of applications we will receive, if your application is unsuccessful we will not contact you.”

I felt the anger rise again. And 12 hours on I’m still fuming. I don’t understand how difficult it could be for a recruiter to send an en-masse email to say “Sorry, better luck next time.” Or simply “No.”

Do they not realise how demoralising it is for applicants? I only hope that this generation of unemployed people will eventually strike lucky and be a more compassionate bunch in the future when they’re recruiting.

I’ll make damn sure I am.


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