Wannabehack on tour

27 Sep

Well, this morning I relinquished my usual garments of choice (pyjamas obvs) which wasn’t quite as traumatic as I thought it might be.
I put on my new skinny jeans (not as comforting on the waistline as drawstring trousers, but what’s a girl to do?) a t-shirt, and a rather sexy (if I do say so myself… which I do) pair of brown leather brogues. I primped and preened my hair, put on some make-up and was ready to face the world. And why did I do all this? To go and visit some friends from back in the day.
My first port of call is the illustrious city of Oxford. Not somewhere I’ve been before so rather excited not only to visit my rather clever friend who’s studying a masters there, but also to have a nosey around Morse and Lewis’ old stomping ground.
After that I’m off to Romford, Essex, to meet up with another clever cookie of a friend. Other than have a good catch-up we’re hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the TOWIE cast over-acting. Excellent.
So I’ve got a whole five days off from job-hunting, all-day pyjama sessions and an ever-increasing exasperation at the current jobs market. Wahoo!

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